It’s A Shore Thing

When a client, who always trusts us, came to us with a vision for this beach engagement announcement card, we were surely going to shore it up. Beautiful oyster shell inspired the slick box and sleeve that held together the treasures of the Sea. Turquoise blue box with a rippling wave effect was adorned by a 3D oyster with all its intricate details on top. Deep orange lining inside the box contrasts the blues beautifully and presents the wedding details on an acrylic plate. We wove in the couple’s initials into an anchor design, another sea motif that is perched on the plate. The gift box underneath was hand-painted with breathtaking beach imagery, which made it “shore” that we “sea” every detail through to paint our clients’ vision into reality. 

  • Vaghani
  • Dubai, UAE /Mumbai, India
  • I love the creative process working with you guys. It’s fun to be involved and see the idea evolving. It’s a shore thing you are always doing my cards.
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