Botanical Beauty

There is inspiration all around us, and this invitation draws from the stunning botanical elements of Nature. Personalized details make this invitation stand out; right from the distinctive custom green of the box that sets the tone. A uniquely crafted Heliconia pattern on the side, illustrative  dragonfly and palm leaf details on top of the box take you on the botanical journey. Inside, the card takes a leaf out of the box, literally, and wows you with lush green pond imagery hand painted on the back. Luxurious laser cut inserters carry Lotus, Heliconia, and Banana flower motifs that are shadow-embossed on the top. When opened, each of the flowers comes to life in all its hand painted glory and the addition of the insects sprinkles a touch of whimsy, completing the bee-spoke details.

  • Sachdeva
  • Delhi, India
  • ‘Working with you and the team was an absolute pleasure. From the brief to the delivery everything was flawless.’
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