Our client was not only the scion of the royal family of Faridkot but also had a clear vision for his wedding invitation. The invitation packed with details that resonated with them, is presented in a gorgeous laser cut bag with a shade of Faridkot blue peeking through it, and has golden braided handles for that luxuriant touch. The laser cut pattern is drawn from the client’s family home and the royal coat of arms sits proudly on the box inside. A map of India inside the box tells the story of the journeys of the two families coming together. A Waswo X. Waswo interpretation of Denali’s painting became the canvas for our creativity as a blind debossed version of the artwork was used to envelop the inserters that bring the painting to life in colours. As the groom is an award winning oenophile, the family wished to present a specially bottled wine to the guests along with the invitation. The delectable bottle of wine is placed under a delicate butter paper scroll expressing the groom’s love for the wine, adding one more sparkling detail to the invitation.

  • Kehr Family
  • Delhi, India
  • “The artistry in your work is superb. The painting looks fantastic; we could not be happier!!!

A ROYAL JOURNEY / A Royal Affair ?

Ravish Kapoor Innovative Invitations

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